The city of Bruges is the third biggest city in Flanders and a medium-sized city in Europe, dealing with various challenges in the domains of sustainable urban development, mobility and climate.  Our goal is to keep the city vibrant and livable for our citizens.

The city of Bruges has built experience in various fields from sustainable investments to data management. We have practical experience with open data and organising hackathons, and we have extensive experience with citizen consultation through our participatory platform.

The city of Bruges will help to identify and define the smart city challenges, and act as a test-bed for piloting new smart solutions.

The city expects to receive support for the clear definition of our challenges, in the publication of relevant open data, with innovative procurement and co-creation. We want, thanks to SCIFI, to bring innovation in our urban development. SCIFI will hopefully bring a mental switch in procurement, encouraging cities to think about their challenges instead of being locked into the existing solutions. We hope to be part of the creation of an extended and stronger quadruple helix network for open data.