Mechelen is a medium-sized city in heart of Europe near Brussels. It has 86.000 inhabitants and wants to grow to 100.000 inhabitants by 2030. The attractiveness of the city is therefore a priority. Over the last few years, the city has developed a dynamic reputation attracting more inhabitants, entrepreneurs, employers, visitors and tourists. Mechelen is now interested in setting up a structure that allows more quadruple helix cooperation and opens up possibilities for the use of Open Data.

The Strategic Department of the city (including the Smart City coordinator, Strategic function, Data manager) cooperates with the IT department on IT­business alignment. Mechelen has been using innovative e­-services since 2007, following ‘lean’ principles. Mechelen already did two eGov projects with the ERDF. The first project digitilises decision­ making of the city internally and has set up an e-­product catalogue. The follow­-up focused on a complete digitilisation of building permits. It also linked several databases both internally as with external stakeholders

As Lead partner, the City of Mechelen will create together with the other city partners, a cross-border market  for innovative and data-driven solutions. In co-creation with citizens, smart solutions will be developed.

Mechelen expects through SCIFI to activate the demand for smart public services and get more mature open-data policies.