Faubourg Numérique


Faubourg Numérique is an incubator of innovating projects in the sector of Internet of Things & Services and is located in the north of France (Saint-Quentin). Faubourg Numérique’s Living Lab  is a not for profit association, created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs and aims at redesigning a collaborative organisation and making it concrete in order to introduce new processes of prototyping and production in Internet of Things projects.

Faubourg Numérique is acting as evangelist of open source technology and open data for cities, citizens and SMEs/startups. In this context we founded OASC France, contributed to the global OASC organisation and are strongly involved in the FIWARE Community. Faubourg Numérique’s biggest strenghts: We have technical expertise as well as creating ecosystems (quadruple helix model) and facilitating them.

Faubourg Numérique’s role in SCIFI  is to prove cities with the technical and strategic expertise to make their public data market-ready and especially manage the inter-operation of solutions and data. As an entrepreneur driven organisation, Faubourg Numérique will contribute to the creation of the virtual accelerator assuring a collaborative approach between cities and SME’s/startups and to the creation of a vibrant community (quadruple helix) around the city challenges.

Faubourg Numérique is convinced that open data and a framework for innovative procurement in smart public services will help cities to address their challenges more easily and more efficiently. It will contribute to more attractive cities for citizens and to the creation of an innovative climate for SME’s and startups (and facilitate the expansion of their crossborder activities). The main goal after the creation of the framework and the experimentation done within the project, will be the uptake of the framework and the replication of the successes by other cities in the 2Seas region.