Air Quality pilot with Nazka

Pilot in Mechelen


How can we monitor and improve air quality in our cities using open data?

The goal of Nazka mapps is to transform data into smart and high-performance interactive maps. Where data is collected, there is a need for interpretation and easy usability.

They enrich data, make it location-based and easily accessible.

Together with the department for environment, we are looking for solutions to deal with the increasing demand of citizens to improve the quality and to inform the citizen.

Nazka developed a first dashboard where we could combine different datasets like air, traffic, weather to look for patterns and correlations. The open data provided by Flanders is integrated in the dashboard. The possibility to compare different point on different timeframes and events could give us a lot of insight.

Below you can find an insight of the development by Nazka.

Next to visualisation, we are looking into the option to have alerts when certain value is exceeded and information on the background, effects and cause of the different values that are included in the analysis.