2019 Smart City Challenges

Our Open Call opens on 1st July 2019.

Our cities have defined 9 Open data challenges in 2 Sectors.


Encourage Sustainable Commuting

Increasing sustainable commuting to industrial zones

Pedestrian Flow

Reusing pedestrian flow data to optimize local decision making

Shared Mobility Access

Improving access to shared and sustainable transport solutions for excluded groups

Multimodal Transport

Developing sustainable, multimodal transport options for journeys
under 7km

Access & Parking

Improving access and parking in the city centre

Bicycle Flows

 Improving bicycle flows through the city


Facilities Maintenance

Prioritizing interventions to maintain cleanliness facilities

Housing Transition

Understanding housing stock and the impact of mobility on the housing market

Urban Logistics Vehicles

Optimizing circulation of local authority urban logistics vehicles

Second Open Call Webinar