De-Icing Priotisation


How can we use data to improve the city’s approach to treating slippery roads in winter?


The city of Delft’s maintenance department is responsible for de-icing slippery roads and snow removal in winter. This task is carried out following a designated protocol, which is predefined and static, and prioritises larger roads over smaller, regardless of particular traffic routes (especially those used by bicycles).  However, by implementing an approach that allows for more flexibility, the city can provide more customization in order to deliver a higher service level to citizens. The city is looking for a solution that enables the maintenance department to customize de-icing routes and planning, but in the future this may also be extended to other route prioritisation challenges, such as waste collection.

Expected Outcomes

  • Tools that provide smart solutions for treatment prioritisation
  • Crowdsourcing apps that encourage user reports
  • Improved dataset combinations for prioritization

Expected Impacts

  • Increased efficiency in the treating of slippery roads
  • Improved road conditions
  • Reduction in accidents during icy weather


  • Salt spreading routes
  • Major road traffic densities
  • Traffic accidents
  • Cycling accidents
  • Regional cycle network
  • Heightmap
  • Local road traffic densities
  • Priority cycle lanes