City of Delft



Gemeente Delft is the municipality of the medium-sized city of Delft in the Netherlands. The city has over 100.000 inhabitants and lies between two of the four largest Dutch cities, Rotterdam and The Hague. Delft is known for its famous porcelain, Delft Blue, the charming cannels in the city center and Delft University of Technology, TU Delft.

Delft faces, like many cities, challenges in the domains of energy, clean environment and mobility. In 2016 the city decided to invest in open data and becoming a smart cities. With this project the challenges are connected with the efforts of open data and smart city.

Role in the Project:

Delft is a city partner in the project. This means that the city represents the demand side of possible solutions. The city will develop challenges in cooperation with the network, open up related data sets and build the (local, regional and international) ecosystem, specifically the local support groups. The city will be a pilot case for the development of smart solutions.


Delft expects from the project to develop a strong ecosystem of (local) authorities, research institutes, universities, businesses, start-ups, SME’s and citizens that is able to create innovative concepts and applications in order to improve public service.

A framework and tools developed within the project should enable this ecosystem to:

– create value out of proactively published by law open data sets that are collected to fulfill public tasks.

– innovative procurement solutions or innovative concepts for public services.

– develop solutions and concepts that can be replicated to other cities.