Partner – Agoria


Agoria is paving the way for all technology-inspired companies in Belgium which seek to contribute to the world’s advancement by developing or implementing innovations. Agoria is proud that more than 1,800 member companies, accounting for a total of 300,000 workers, are relying on the three pillars of their services: advice, business development and creating the ideal business climate


For the benefit of Society, Agoria has a dedicated project called Smart Cities. Since 2011 Agoria engages the dialogue between the local governments and technological industry as well as stakeholders with a heavy impact on the city operations such as the grid operators and public transport organisations. Agoria offers a neutral platform of experts to give insight in smart cities technology trends and solutions, new business and financing models, and innovative procurement from national and international perspective. The Agoria Smart Cities project is composed of four pillars: Smart Energy, Smart Building, Smart Digital Communication & Infrastructure and last but not least Smart Mobility.

Role in the Project:

Agoria will facilitate the dialogue between the cities and the industry.


Agoria is looking for open discussions with cities on their challenges and offering a platform to facilitate co-creation.

View on SCIFI’s impact:

Make cities convinced that data, real-time data and open data are a valuable asset for policy-making, improving operational processes and offering new services to citizens, and that innovative procurement and performance contracts are seen as a standard.