Watering pilot with Element.IO

Optimising water use to increase efficiency and reduce wastage.

The city of Saint-Quentin is hosting Element.IO’s pilot

The challenge is being tackled by Element IO, a young innovative company from Saint-Quentin. Element IO is  providing an integrated solution based on interoperable devices (sensors and valve controllers) and open data mashup to deliver to the employees of the green space department of Saint-Quentin a monitoring application of their automated or traditional watering systems. By design, Element IO offers the possibility to its customers to set up simple mashup rules to combine available sources of information, in this case open data about geographic locations, what the spaces are used for, utilisation calendars and weather station data, to the information generated by the Element IO devices installed on the managed green fields. The first set of Element IO devices – the sensors – publish information about the soil and air conditions (humidity, air pressure, sunshine) as open data without being intrusive nor stressful for the grass (or humans!). These data are aggregated through the Element IO platform in order to provide decision making tools. The appropriate quantity of water and a time slot are sent to the second set of Element IO devices – the watering controllers – to trigger the watering at the right moment in the right quantity and on the right spot (12 sensors and actuators per football field).

Alexander explains: “We have to make sure that the solution developed by Element IO is interoperable with existing infrastructure used by Stéphane, so its vital the project uses standard data models and protocols in order to be affordable and sustainable.”