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We know how hard it can be to get an overview of the different steps you have to go through in order to launch a successful smart pilot. That is why we provide you with a nifty to-do list. Good luck!

/ Recipe (To-Do List)

  1. Identify and scope your need(s)
  2. Identify and scope your data
  3. Establish how you will measure success
  4. Identify how to put citizens at the centre of your pilots
  5. Finalise your business case
  6. Assemble your team
  7. Write your challenge
  8. Publish and promote your challenge
  9. Devise your application process
  10. Select (a) partner(s)
  11. Define your contracts
  12. Get started
  13. Regularly meet up with your partner(s) and end users
  14. Continuously check if your data is GDPR compliant
  15. Review if the project was a success

Want to know more about Execution?

Download the SCIFI cookbook here with a lot of tips & tricks, lessons learned, cases, ...

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