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Do you want to create smart city projects? In our cookbook you will find recipes, handy ingredient lists, and tips & tricks to produce the finest smart city projects. Our real-life examples showcase the flexibility of the smart city project.

What is SCIFI?

SCIFI stands for: “Smart Cities Innovation Framework Implementation”. These words sum up this project’s goal of providing recommendations on how to approach a smart city project.

Four medium-sized cities lie at the heart of this project: Bruges (BE), Delft (NL), Mechelen (BE), and Saint-Quentin (FR). And just as their larger counterparts, these cities also face pollution, growing populations, mobility, etc.

The SCIFI-cities recognised that becoming “smarter” was the way of the future. But there was not yet a reliable methodology to become a smart city. As such, we partnered up to become smart cities and recorded our process.

Why a Cookbook?

As we believe that other cities face similar challenges, we want to share our learnings. We chose to present the results of this project in the form of a cookbook because our approach has a lot in common with a recipe.

In both cases, you first decide what you want to achieve, you then collect the required ingredients, you process those, and then you try it. It is through this process that you learn where adjustments need to be made, but also how to make the recipe your own.

Photocredits: SCIFI, Cities of Brugge, Delft, Mechelen and Saint-Quentin, Project Wolf, Shutterstock