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What do you do after a successful pilot? How do you futureproof your city’s policies? What about further cooperation between yourself and other medium-sized cities?

/ From Pilot to Long Running Project

You ran a successful pilot. What now? If you followed the recipe laid out in our cookbook, you already did most of the work. But, there are still noteworthy challenges and questions.

/ How to Cope with Failure

What if you do not want to continue your pilot? You could discontinue a project for any number of reasons. Perhaps there is no more budget. Or perhaps the results are unsatisfying. In any case, dealing with the (perceived) failure of a project is not easy.

/ Making Innovation a Part of Your City’s Policies

Of course, becoming a smart city requires more than a few long running smart projects. In our cookbook, we list ten tips on how to make innovation a part of your city’s policies and identity.

Want to know more about Longterm?

Download the SCIFI cookbook here with a lot of tips & tricks, lessons learned, cases, ...

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