University of Southampton


Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton has a leading role in developments in the areas of Web science and linked data including a Web Science Doctoral Training Centre and the prestigious Web and Internet Science (WAIS) research group. WAIS is one of the founders of the Web Science Institute (WSI). The WSI is a means of leveraging the University’s world-renowned leadership in Web Science, Semantic Web, Linked Data, and open data research and education and acts as a centre around which all Web Science related developments at the University are coordinated and led. Significant achievements of the WSI include: the Centre for Doctoral Training in Web Science, Web Science MOOC,19 interdisciplinary research collaboration stimulus fund projects. The WSI is a member of the Web Science Trust Network of Laboratories (WSTNet).

We have extensive experience with open data accelerators through leading the ODINE project, and with open innovation with data through the Data Pitch project. So far ODINE has incubated 57 open data companies and created 200 jobs. Data Pitch has incubated 18 companies in its first year, all of which are working on sustainable solutions to challenges across a wide range of domains.


As an Expert Partner we provide best practice guidance and assessment across all parts of the project including designing the approach, defining challenges, evaluating solutions and developing co-creation processes. We also develop training materials and documentation.

We are excited to be involved in a project that is taking such a cutting edge approach by involving the cities directly in open innovation based procurement. We can then transfer this new knowledge to other projects. SCIFI will be a real world proof of the value for cities of their open data across a wide range of domains, and an example of how cities can engage directly with innovative start-ups to deliver this value. Businesses will see the unlocked market value and governments the efficient improvement of public services. Our cases will not only be valuable to the partner cities but will promote the uptake of open data approaches throughout the region.