Cambridge Cleantech


Cambridge Cleantech is a cluster of Companies specialised in the cleantech sector which includes Smart Cities and new technologies. Therefore, Cambridge Cleantech supports the growth of its members and fosters the acceptation of new technologies. We also organise major events, like conferences on the futures of cleantech and venture days for start-ups and innovators.

Cambridge Cleantech acts as a business matchmaker and helps “buyer” organisations find the technology and innovative SMEs get contracts and access to new opportunities. Cambridge Cleantech has also been involved in several previous EU Cross border projects. Our main strength is to represent a pool of more than 300 companies with innovative technologies which other partners can have access to.

Cambridge Cleantech’s main role is on WP5. Communication. With the help of the other partners, Cambridge develops the communication strategy plan and the key messages to communicate to SCIFI’s target audience. Cambridge Cleantech is also in charge of SCIFI’s website and communication material (i.e flyers and posters).

New collaborations and new business partnerships beyond our UK’s borders is key to the success of our activity. Developing a deepened relationship with Innovative Cities in need of new smart technologies will allow Cambridge Cleantech to increase opportunities for Innovative SME’s in the future.